The flight

26 Mar

All too soon she took flight

With the winds that beckoned her

To find her fantasy beyond the blue

Too impatient to feel the fear of loved ones

She flew out into the wild wide blue

Dream and daylight were sure to clash

But what would she do?


She bent every scorching sunrise

Every drop of rain

To paint her pretty dream through her bitter pain

Till wearily she rested on cloud number nine

Uneasily vindicated, her problem strangely compounded

For way below flitted many little sparrows

Deluded by her dreams, headed to her cloud

Too deaf to hear her dissuading screams


For every determined sparrow like her

Many will fall down dead, deluded

Dreams crushed by brutal reality

Leading them back to humble beginnings

The way will still be hard

But at least minus the sting

Of vanishing rainbows and painted pain


Oh for glorious dreams worthy of pain

Of gilded skies and only sweet rain


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