Almost there

26 Jun

Summer crept

It’s sun burned

My water dried up

My flowers wilted


Autumn visited

My leaves fell

Winds tore

My trees bared


Winter slew

Life froze

All withered

Hope wore thin


But a promise holds

Of coming Spring

Green for sight

Sweet scent for smell

Happy chirp for ears

Love’s tight hold for touch


But I await

At the brink

But I’m almost there

Inspired by Cynthia Clawson’sThank God for the promise of spring.’


Governing freedom: priority, effect & allegiance

28 Jan

How does one govern people’s ‘freedom’? Well, to have an orderly society, to begin with, one can’t have (allow) each person (to) do as he wishes. Therefore there is a larger theme of leadership (which is typically chosen in line with certain pressing priorities – in democracies). Now this leadership cannot wander anywhich way (as per personal fancy), neither can it purely tag along the majority line (for a minority can’t be oppressed). So that brings us to attending to a few immediate needs with a measure of sympathy (for those affected by the course of action, of course!). The rationale for each decision needs to be examined, and where there is a legitimate case, patience is needed. Where there are effects, they can be managed, even defended, again subject to a rationale. Otherwise it isn’t effect/sympathy that directs priority but only the reverse: priority, its effect/sympathy.

It makes sense that when the leader himself has been appointed for priority’s sake, the people (some of them, the more vocal among them) can’t all at once be obstructing him for effects. Where Trump is concerned, National security (terrorism), a struggling middle class, abortion, law n order have been the priorities that have offered him the mandate. Now the people must choose where to put their concern for asylum seekers, international relations, a perceived invasion of women’s rights (this argument is downright absurd – as in specifically around abortion!), and the right to oppose law enforcement. This might also be a good place to note that between the Left n the Right (among generally the Christian West), priorities and effects take reverse roles [which itself isn’t all too sound – although there is a measure of arguability to this relativity there’s more to the story, for all at once for instance allowing abortion and opposing it can’t be coexistent for they are mutually exclusive. At best one might include a few clauses for exceptions]. This automatically calls for a standard of truth from without (outside, and in this context the Bible) which not only guides all decision making but also in turn sympathises with now one party and disapproves of now another (their tendencies). This also serves as a guide on weighing priorities against effects, and as a result recommends a suitable course of participation and support for truth and wise management (wise management because leadership by virtue tends towards one end and there can only be one leader, and to get by in spite of other complexities one has but to manage).

Ultimately in a democratic system there is a measure of submission, cooperation and negotiation needed from those subordinate. Although at least it is understandable that ‘politics’ is more about domination than submission/cooperation, and therefore opposition parties will even obstruct for the heck of it (although I don’t think this necessarily needs to be, but if so it is, then politics itself might cease to be and we might all be making much more progress as one in much less time!), level headed citizens ought to examine where they themselves stand, whether they are part of the problem or the solution (given the priority). (In fact it is more important for a supposedly neutral citizen – who appears to be in the place of an adjudicator – to voice their verdict more cautiously, instead of as is commonly believed to be, rather arbitrarily and irresponsibly, and that with a sense of entitlement insured with a safety caveat as it were!). Or still better, they can go it all the way and wear the political mask of the party whose policies they are tending to weigh more heavily on. So why fear? Why two-time? Why be dishonest to both? Let’s choose who we are: responsibly neutral or hypocritically partisan.

Hillary n the popular-vote hoax

12 Nov

Here’s just why the popular vote is a complete hoax:

  • It’s not any ‘bigger’ win: First of all the popular vote hoax presents itself as a ‘bigger’ win which it is not. Actually more states voted Trump than Hillary. In other words very few states voted Hillary. So Hillary lost. In still other words: Trump had AN UNUSUALLY HUGE VICTORY (few expected typically Democrat States to vote Trump and in such overwhelming numbers!)…even quite unlike ‘any’ other victory in the past. Which is precisely why everyone is shocked! This event has been termed a ‘political earthquake,’ a ‘miracle.’
  • It’s just about California: To put this hoax more clearly, actually only California significantly holds the biggest support for Hillary. That’s because of a few reasons:
    • California is very highly populated.
    • And because it holds more people, the number of people who voted in this state outnumber voters from other states (again not that more people in California voted!).
    • Here it makes sense to note that a lot of people all over the country who generally like/prefer Democrat positions on several issues (e.g. abortion, assisted suicide, common core, open borders and others) actually left their respective states and moved over (probably along the course of life) and settled in California (which makes certain preferences concentrated in the overall verdict of California on matters) and therefore where California’s view plays out in relation to the views of other states (where a National matter is being pursued either for enquiry or action) sufficient care must be taken to note its skew.
    • Obviously California’s voice in this election sided Hillary over against Trump (probably even for some ‘fear’ of him, which seems exaggerated than soundly defended – Trump’s made as much overtures to be helpful to different races and minorities as to majority subgroups). So to now say that the ‘popular-vote’ is for Hillary would be to work around it backwards, as in get all Hillary’s people to one state, get them to vote and then say that ‘more’ people voted for her (and that because only one ‘big’ state had such a result!) would be totally warped (in fact it is precisely to work around such warps the electoral system has been worked out – or put another way, if Democrats wish to have a true majority, they must get the wider group to find their ideologies/philosophies/methods accepted, as in by the rest of the country, but then that’s just where they’ve lost, more precisely in this instance!).
    • So to give the whole country to Hillary just because even ‘all’ of Californians went and voted Hillary would be to be most unfair to all the remaining 49 States in USA. Because all the anti-Republican mass is severely concentrated in the single largest State of California (and at the philosophical/ideological level California is more mono-cultural, i.e. the opposite of diversity it is supposed to represent and would therefore be imposing its ‘minority’ view on a much larger and more diversely philosophical country!). All of USA isn’t California.
  • Other reasons: Here are a few other reasons why this supposedly ‘popular’ vote appeal is wrong.
    • Illusion of the ‘popular’ vote: One is that it gives a false picture as though a bigger ‘number’ of those in America voted Hillary. Wrong. Actually only 55% of the country voted (voted itself!). That means 45% didn’t even end up saying who they want as president. And of this rather mediocre percent that voted, when the tallies of all votes were done, Trump won in most states. And significantly it was only in the state of California, Clinton had some 2.5 million more votes against Trump (which too has been greatly evened out by most other states in the US, leaving only some 200 odd thousand votes in addition for Hillary and that only because of California). So again, there was really nothing ‘popular’ about that final excess of 200,000 odd votes concentrated in California against all the teeming proportionately huge margins in all other states spread all over USA that rejected Hillary.
    • Rejection of wisdom: Next, how could a whole country follow such a warped election procedure (given how it has evolved right up to the present), a procedure conducted using such a long drawn, complex and thorough process, and even protect it with tight laws to prevent its edition? Simply because it’s not warped but on the contrary deeply thought-out and beats all other systems in its comprehensiveness, detail, fairness and practicality.
    • Disrespect of people: Last of all rejecting (protesting/disrespecting) the verdict of such a brilliant process for some wild fancy flies in the face of the whole country (actually that many people’s time, energy, money, sweat) that stopped in its tracks (often far more times in the now almost 2 year period) to have it done to perfection!
  • The excellence of Electoral vote method: And the reasons for USA settling for the electoral vote method is a very deep and complexly conceived method that is also ingenious to tackle numerous complications that might arise with a democratic system. That is also why it has been written into the constitution and to amend it will take very complex procedures also.
  • The lie that this is an ancient and archaic system meant for the slave states must only be almost fully untrue. Obviously the fact that it helped leverage the slave states doesn’t mean that it isn’t continuing to help protect minority states or minority views within the country currently. The electoral system is exactly about fairness to the smaller states that these protestors are trying to run over using a single state majority!
  • Private crooked agenda: This whole motivation toward getting rid of Trump ‘even at this juncture’ is purely delusional by an unruly and lawless set of people and only suggests that they are determined to have their way even if by hook or crook, lie or deceit (and of rather the plain foolish who fail to see through their lies n deceits and blindly pass it around). To go so far as to push for the electors to vote Hillary now against their word of honour (in fact such traitors are said to be called ‘faithless’ electors, who even if they do it at the Congress will only prove they won’t do anything true for the country, but more than that which they just won’t because these electors are from the very States and counties that actually voted Trump and not Hillary among whose people -who voted Trump- they will have to live n work. So to be dwelling on this is to live in a fool’s paradise) neatly fits with the very crookedness that was evident all through the rigged election campaign season where all those party to this unfair play not just refused to let the people know who or what the other candidate against Hillary was (there was no level-playing field afforded to Trump), but also began to force people to go Hillary’s way regardless of how they felt about it. But the people arose as one and crushed the wicked establishment, or in Trump’s words the people delivered justice.

So, get it straight there’s nothing even called a popular vote, coz in most states the popular vote actually went to Trump. Please help restore/recommend sense to those who need to work through their disappointments in more sensible ways by facing up to reality/truth/knowledge. More importantly spread the word that there is much victory in grace, in living with failure, giving in, submitting to order/discipline. It is in examining failure one can make important course corrections and succeed in life and that’s also why the saying goes Failure is the stepping stone to success.

Trump and peace

11 Nov

Mr. Trump has won a hard-fought battle. And it was no mean achievement with the odds stacked against him quite mountainous: not a political insider, roundly scoffed as incapable even before he was given a chance, abandoned by the home party, hunted by the media, robbed of coverage, crushed by the entire spectrum of the establishment, his credits stolen, exploited by frauds (rigged debates, rigged protests at his rallies), misrepresented/misquoted/exaggerated, and probably several others.

And he finally made it! Something to be greatly greatly appreciated. Most of all I would think his ability to come across as authentic despite his bare non-politically correct statements, put another way his simple, open, straightforward analysis of the current state of affairs coupled with bold solutions is what gave him the people’s mandate. And now he’s on to begin implementing what he unabashedly stood for.

Therefore it will most certainly be a time of joy and welcome for the majority of the country that voted for Trump. They will gladly welcome the new changes to health insurance, they will delightedly welcome the slashing of regulations as the markets are expressing their unusual delight already, they will cheer the strong moves for a safer America beginning at the National borders and leading in to the inner cities, they will welcome the measures for a more transparent America and others. This must be reckoned, accepted to say the least. However, there might be scope for voicing alterations to proposals.

However, this will undoubtedly be a time of great concern to entire sections who by default fall into what apparently comes off as the now ‘marginalized’ and that in the words of the opposition (though not necessarily so – for neither have all from these subgroups been considered part of the problem, nor have all of them taken offense, nor are protesting currently, while on the contrary even higher numbers from the last election ACTUALLY VOTED TRUMP simply because they saw in his proposals something to gain from!).

To name some of these groups: Mexicans/Latinos, a significant number of whom have come to America in search of a better life but outside of legal procedures; African Americans, again a significant number of whose neighbourhoods bear the brunt of lawlessness; Other minorities, some of whose demands are being imposed on a majority that is still not ready for it such as abortion, or common core.

This feeling of fear/discontent is clearly being stoked by the media which chose to be completely one-sided right from the very beginning (which I guess they’d wrongly calculated would tame/intimidate Mr. Trump for raw fear of the ‘press’ but which backfired with his unique guts to go against the grain and find other ways around to the rest of the people. Anyone laughing about how the media sat through the election results ‘awestruck,’ ‘baffled,’ ‘shell-shocked,’ at how he even managed to pull this off – of course despite all their desperate attempts to hide his movement-of-a-popularity all through-?). However, it must be remembered that much of Mr. Trump’s words were made in the context of a campaign to get people provoked into thinking/moving/mobilizing/acting/voting (a lot of which was stripped of its true context and made into something totally different). Now the media hid mountains of Hillary’s frauds though it appears they could have run on most credible information for all year long but didn’t, and on the contrary chose to either ‘put it in perspective’ (God alone knows whatever nonsense that means!) or just blatantly lie about it. But now they are harping on quite nothing (only a failed case of a very small section of the ‘minority among the minorities’ – for not the whole country that voted Democrat is protesting- and that too quite possibly doctored, given all the former organized hoax of their ‘protests’ that were bought and paid for and finally caught on tape (lol), even for which some of DNC’s office bearers were fired!).

Therefore, although this group might do with some more reassuring messages from the President elect Mr. Trump (he’s already done it), appealing for it on the basis of some sense of entitlement (and that this early, right after his victory -as if he’s not supposed to let the victory even sink in- even before he’s assumed office or his unfair rivals even biting into their own defeat/crookedness!) would be not a bit unfair coz there’s much they themselves need to atone for –  all the wrongdoing they did against Trump (see first paragraph). However, I assume in keeping with some of the leader-like bearing Mr. Trump has already chosen to embrace, he will commit to doing what is fair and just and reasonable. Further I assume he would forgive his rivals for all their wrongdoing against him. And finally I would personally recommend that he would do what all honourable kings and leaders at all times have done to maintain peace, law and justice and shepherd a happy contented people, something I can’t but put in the immortal Words of Life:

He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Seek justice, encourage the oppressed (other manuscripts put it: rebuke the oppressor). Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow. Isa. 1:17

Put in layman’s terms, love much, give without limit, be bold, be kind.

If Mr. Trump makes righteousness and justice the bedrock of his governance, success awaits him everywhere he goes.

Forgive one another and move on America.

Much love from another fellow human.

Trump and the RED ARMY

4 Nov

It’s finally drawing to a close, the era of established political corruption and the rule of lawlessness. But how foolish you’d be to think it would all be over that easily! For what does evil have to lose in this final war? When it has corrupted everything: law, justice, education, health, culture, politics, communication/information, everything, why ever would it stop short of election? No, it won’t.

Therefore it must be considered a given the crooks will fudge the election process and twist the fair election result. There’s no doubt about it whatsoever!

Julian Assange too (who has all the inside information that’s now out) has clearly stated it in no uncertain terms (that Trump won’t be allowed to win). All events leading up to this election prove this abundantly and without reserve: all the rigged polls, all the rigged media coverage, all the deceitful fraud debates, all the Hillary email cover-ups, the rigged voter frauds, on and on and on.

So here’s what the people must do: be ready for the eventuality. So the people must take on this last and final corruption in the most peaceful non-invasive way: FLOOD AMERICA WITH RED.

  • Flood your fb with red
  • Flood your twitter with red
  • Your blogs with red
  • Your houses with red
  • Be dressed in red on election day
  • Feature it in your vehicles, your cars, bikes, buses, trucks, whatever
  • Post it around your houses
  • Carry around red flags to wave a protest in case of a fraud

Voice your protest. Don’t sit down and take this nonsense they most certainly won’t be afraid to dish out to you. After all you’ve fought all these days, what’s there to lose now? Nothing.

This is a battle between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lie, law and lawlessness, life and death. For if Truth isn’t given a chance, there begins the shortcut to death and decay.

Trump deserves a fair election process. The American people deserve a fair election. And nothing must come in the way of Truth. If you lose this moment you will never get back this moment again. Come on out and parade your strength, you ARMY OF RED.

Lonely Hillary

2 Nov

Hillary is going down n how fast!!

Gradually her rallies are getting cancelled.

All her tales from the crypt are out: her emails, Dona Brazile, Huma (source: here) and all the rest.

It appears her folks (including Michelle Obama it is reported lately) are abandoning her sinking ship. I might like to add here, how sad for her crooked partners who were all there (in Hillary’s game) not at all for Hillary but each for his/her own private agenda. And finally when all crumbles, when Hillary is all alone by herself, not one of her people stand with her, instead they back out and leave her in the lurch. That much for her crooked disloyal friends. But that’s always what wickedness does. It brings you down to utter disaster. I remember a quote of which although the writer I fail to recollect, the words without fail send a shiver down my spine every time I read it, and here’s what I might call a precis of it: sin takes you farther than you wish to go, keeps you longer than you wish to stay, and costs you more than you wish to pay.

Game over for you Hillary. An orange pantsuit awaits you. Mene mene tekel uparsin.

Trump and the biased objector

28 Oct

It is very possible that your view of Trump is affected by a bias toward him, either of your own making or one acquired. And that even before you’ve seen him, listened to him, examined him, debated with him. It is possible that you have your pet views not so much about Trump but about other factors of the election that will affect you. Either a factor that affects you or some issue you care about which causes you to take a side against him. It is possible that you are just going with what the majority predicts. It is possible that you don’t even have a reason but just hate the man. If so, then this one’s for you.

There are always two sides to a story. That’s why there is a portion of Scripture that goes: the first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him. Now this doesn’t mean there are two stories, for there is only one: the truth, the reality. And to find out what exactly happened and why, especially as with an accusation, one must take time to weigh several factors before drawing a conclusion. Some of which are, how did the accusation surface, when did it surface, are there hints as to the motivation, how reasonable/believable/credible is it, what is the argument/proof, what are the defences by the accused party, how consistent/credible/believable is the defence and probably numerous others. Now all of this doesn’t mean that every case needs to be exceptionally hard to judge. For sometimes the defence maybe blatant denial when every pointer hints at a violation. And there might actually be hard cases where although there might be pointers to culpability, there is just as much credible argument in defence (or even something lame about the charge). So, cross check whether you have actually given Trump a listening ear about his defences.

If you have already made your decision even before you allowed him a defence, nothing he says will convince you. The most complete argument will fall on deaf ears. The most sincere statement will look suspicious to you. Do check how credible your conclusion is.

It hardly makes any sense when your view of Trump is not even connected to the person at all(!), but actually to some other election/political factor connected to you/yourself! E.g. you are an immigrant and fear that voting Trump might actually affect your status and therefore you’ve opted against Trump. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have your preferred option, but then you must also stick only to a genuine argument (and that only if you have any!) related to your area. E.g. there is very clear evidence that he hates/despises immigrant people of a certain race and has systematically functioned against them (even one stray argument/fight he may have had with a person of that race may not prove your point). You cannot take a no-holds-barred plunge into a disconnected area of Trump, say his morality, because you are worried about Trump’s stance on immigration and just choose to ‘believe’ something because it works for your other concerns (yep I mean that only when there is no genuine moral charge against Trump). That would be totally unfair and deceitful of you to work out your private agendas at another’s expense, and that when you assault them without credible reason/evidence especially when it regards character.

I have come across this very enlightening quote: A man is known by his enemies. Study Trump’s enemy: Who they are, how they operate. Why has the media united against Trump? Could there be some other benefit/vested interest other than Trump himself as the factor? Also study: Who is Hillary, how she is perceived generally, what are her accusations, what are the accusations about her, how credible/defensible they (both types of accusations) are, what strategies has she employed in her battle against Trump, how legitimate these methods are. All these should give a clue about Trump. If Trump’s honesty (and consequently possible punitive action or a loss of significant leverage to these parties from Trump’s victory) is a great source of distress to these people, then it’s another statement on the man (a good one!).

Are you opting a side because everybody at your office, at the coffee bar, at the gym, or wherever is going anti-Trump? If so, then that’s also not just a bit stupid (as in it is completely stupid!). That’s called herd-mentality. Again I do not mean a majority group on one side is automatically wrong, but am concerned how properly fleshed out that argument is. For without reasons, just harping on a tune that everybody else is harping on would be akin to jumping into a well just because others were dropping in. Don’t be a slave to mob mentality. As some Sidney Harris immortally put it: I am tired of hearing about men with “courage of their convictions.” Nero and Caligula and Attila and Hitler had the courage of their convictions – but not one had the courage to examine his convictions, or to change them, which is the true test of character.

Finally, without even a reason, is it fair to dislike a person/candidate? Well that’s like saying you choose to believe the sun rises in the West and sets in the East, just for the pure heck of it!! Fanciful though it may seem, it won’t be without its consequences. For the cycle of the day works a certain way, Nations follow the clock a certain way, your life operates a certain way. Your false belief will either stay an unhelpful, useless, shelved belief, or if you actually seek to apply your warped belief it will interrupt all of your life. Likewise only an informed decision will ultimately work, for that’s how life is designed. So you must either work out your reasons, defences, arguments to be sure what you believe and only then proceed to apply it (whether recommend/object a candidate as in this instance) or if you’re not too sure, then it’s better to avoid trying to ‘live out’ an unclear belief. For an ill-informed, incredible, baseless argument that’s stray (without any support) will not just make you out to be a fool, but actually contribute to a mess somewhere in larger life and it might just be in ways you don’t yet perceive. Avoid blind beliefs.

So happy weighing!